ERP systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – enterprise resource planning, is a software system that performs many functions through programmed modules. ERP is a set of custom applications that allow businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes.

The ERP system helps reduce operating costs, increase revenue and effectively manage available resources. One of the main purposes of ERP is to create the connection between technology and people.


The implemented ERP system can provide immeasurable benefits for the business:

Improves efficiency

ERP can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities.

Allows general visibility

ERP software allows full access to every important process in your business, making data from each department easily accessible to you and your management.

Creates improved reporting and planning

This software gives you the ability to analyze and compare features across departments without having to accumulate multiple spreadsheets and emails.

Helps maintain customer relationships

The ERP system helps your sales team focus on building and maintaining customer relationships instead of maintaining spreadsheets.

Provides quality and security of data

One of the biggest advantages of the ERP system is data security. ERP solutions have internal controls to ensure the security of your data.

Increases productivity and efficiency

The ERP system allows companies to standardize their own processes and systems, which further increases productivity and efficiency. By automating processes, errors and costs are significantly reduced.

Advantages of
ERP Software

You can reduce costs with ERP software

The ERP system can reduce your costs and improve efficiency by targeting all costs in one ERP system instead of multiple systems.

ERP software has flexible modularity

An ERP system can have several applications that can be implemented together according to business needs.

Improve collaboration and workflows with ERP software

The ERP platform optimizes the process of collaborating with other people by giving employees access to the data they need when they need it. This allows real-time project updates and better communication throughout the company.

Reduction of delivery times with ERP software

For companies involved in the relocation of physical equipment and production, the ERP system shortens delivery times in various ways. This improves the overall performance and success of your business.

ERP software tracks the future of your business

To ensure the continued success of your business, you need to monitor the future. Too often, businesses fail to plan for serious obstacles. Therefore, having the right ERP system can easily and effectively meet the growth of your company.

ERP products

Depending on the needs of the organizations, it is necessary to develop ERP Modules in order to form a personalized ERP system. An ERP system can embed certain applications that are used by businesses to record, save, manage, transmit data for multiple activities.

Software products that can be found in an ERP system:

Software for Polaris GPS systems

Software for transport systems

Software for management of building property

Enterprise Email Server Software

Document management system

IP devices monitoring software

Invoicing software

WMS Software (Warehouse Management)

Commercial Software with possibilities for exvan and preselling

Team Software with tasks and projects

Software for maintenance of quality management systems

CMS Software (website management and maintenance)

Financial Software