To benefit from the implemented project, we at CEE will make it easier for you with our business software training. Qualifying to work with business software is an important part of the success of any project. Any training for working with business software can significantly improve the processes in any organization. Through our training, you will gain great practical and theoretical experience. The completed training for working with business software will facilitate your work and will guarantee its full use.


The basis for any company or corporation is good ERP training.
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) training is based on the rules, the structure and the set of methods applied in this type of systems. Our specialists in the field conduct training for working with ERP systems through intensive practice. The successful implementation of business solutions depends on the knowledge and practice of specialists in a given company or corporation.

With our ERP training:

  • you gain new knowledge about the product and how to work with it fully
  • you see the full potential of your ERP system
  • you can get an answer to every question you have


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) means customer relationship management. CRM systems allow you to collect every last detail of your customers’ interactions with a centralized platform and make it easily accessible to any member of your team. CRM is a strategy to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and sales growth.
Our CRM training increases your knowledge to achieve better efficiency in your work. Training and consulting are often the right choice to increase the benefits of implemented solutions and systems. With CRM training you can automate your work processes. This will minimize the chances of human error and your team can focus on the work. Training a team on how to use a CRM system will help you spend less time entering data. The goal of our CRM training is to retain and increase customers. After completing the CRM training, you will be able to understand what customer relationship management is and the benefits it brings.